HOFI X3 function advantage: with plasma air cleaning and molding chamber temperature control functions
DOGO880 metal powder technology printer: using the 3 dp technology, widely use of consumables. With high mesh metal powder as materials, further implementation model into a mold.
DOGO680UV uv-curable printer: using Spectra UV industrial print head (features: large size, high speed, high precision), spray UV resin solid materials and support materials,
DOGO580 color 3 dp technology printer: easy to operate, non-professional staff through a simple training to operation. Automatic layering, according to the characteristics of the model,
DOGO480PLus printer features: compact model to save space, use the high power double nozzle or three nozzle structure, separation and nozzle and crowded silk motor.
DOGO480 printer features: fashionable appearance, high precision printing, enclosed structure safety environmental protection
HOFI X2 printer features: fashionable appearance, environmental protection material, offline print, interactive touch, USB, USB communication
HOFI X1 printer features: open interactive experience in structure, convenient combination, ultra-quiet operation, cost-effective
On March 23 to 24, by the Asian association of manufacturers, sponsored by the China 3 d printing industry union director of China 3 d printing industry alliance fourth meeting held in nanjing forbidden heights, yu-sheng shi, Zhou Gongyao, yongnian yan, Luo Jun, even better, qing-xi hu, falls council leaders and more than 30 members of the distinguished guests both from home and abroad. The meeting around 3 d printing business model innovation, 3 d printing technology in the application of content into cultural creativity industry. Consensus meeting to reach an agreement to take full advantage of May 29-31, the world congress of 3 d printing industry in the platform, fully show the image of 3 d printing technology in China, to strengthen international exchanges and dialogue 3 d printing technology industry. 24 China morning, 3 d printing technology industry alliance innovation center, headquarters signing ceremony was held in nanjing. China's first 3 d printing industry innovation center officially settled in qixia district in nanjing, China 3 d printing industry headquarters located in nanjing economic development zone    Asian manufacturing association chief executive officer, China, 3 d printing industry association vice President and secretary general Luo Jun and qixia district in nanjing, nanjing economic development zone management committee leaders signed a cooperation agreement, and to further promote the industrialization of 3 d printing, the accumulation of 3 d printing upstream and downstream resources, introduction and cultivation content such as 3 d printing technology innovation center building and reached broad consensus. (from China 3 d printing industry union)
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